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Police Officer Blocks Traffic To Help Driver Having Seizure

You are currently viewing Police Officer Blocks Traffic To Help Driver Having Seizure
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In Tucson, the police have released a dashcam video of an officer helping a driver who was having a seizure by using a patrol car.

Sergeant Martin Espinoza has used his patrol car as a blockade to prevent the driver from moving into oncoming traffic. The incident happened on September 30, 2015. The sergeant saw a crowd of drivers surrounding a white vehicle after being flagged down by another driver. That vehicle contained a woman who was in the middle of having a seizure. She was staring straight ahead, making it unclear at first what was going wrong. However, her driving patterns made it clear that something was off.

The vehicle was going westbound and began drifting slowly into oncoming traffic. Sergeant Espinoza, acting as quickly as possible, placed his patrol car between traffic and the vehicle. He intended to use his own patrol car to stop the car, preventing it from causing a much more serious crash.

Police Officer Stops Vehicle With Car

Sergeant Espinoza knew that he had to act, but his options were limited. He chose to maneuver his car in front of the other vehicle and break to slow the vehicle to a stop. The speed of the vehicle was very low when it collided with the police car. Reports say that the driver was traveling around 15-20 mph when the collision occurred. Though Sergeant Espinoza was not worried about his own safety, any collision at any speed can be dangerous. The sergeant clearly displayed some serious bravery.

After the collision, the officer had to break the driver’s window in order to turn off the vehicle. He also called emergency medical personnel, who were able to help the woman recover afterwards. She is now fine, fully recovered from her ordeal that could have become quite deadly.

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  1. Jasmine Lee

    Oh my, that is touching. So glad there are still some good, upstanding officers left in this world. Kudos to you, Sergeant!

  2. Victoria N.

    Oh my god, it’s terrifying to imagine being in that situation. I’m honestly not sure what I would have done but I bet I would have been too scared to make a smart decision like Sergeant Espinoza.

    With all the bad raps that the law enforcement are getting in America these past few years, it’s great to see there are still good ones out there and that they are getting some recognition. I wish the national news would play these stories so everyone could see.

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