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Vaccine Mandate Legality Is Up In The Air As The City Decides

You are currently viewing Vaccine Mandate Legality Is Up In The Air As The City Decides
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As the COVID-19 pandemic takes over the topics of city council, all sorts of people are led to believe one over the other when it comes to whether it requires mandates. The mayor there, Regina Romero as well as the City Council had approved of a policy allowing for employees to vaccinate vs. the COVID-19. The approval was about six to one. This decision conducted a 1,000-person survey wasn’t safe against the virus. Government Employees in the City of Tucson has questions to answer in order to show proof of vaccination by at least the wrap of August. While the city makes exemptions to give religious and medical reasons, for the most part, the Vaccine was going to be encouraged. Furthermore, the bill will go into effect on September 29th.

Karin Uhlich, the Ward 3 Councilmember said that “It’s a peaceful and appropriate way to resolve these kinds of intense conflicts and get us a path moving forward. We want to make sure that everything we’re doing is legal and constitutional.” Through statements, City Attorney Mike Rankin detailed that the law would go into effect by the time of September 29th. When the city would evaluate the “implications of the Attorney General’s opinion that the City’s vaccine requirement violates a statute that does not yet have legal effect.”

When the Tucson vaccine mandate is up for discussion, you better believe that everyone and anyone will take umbrage to what it means.

AG Brnovich for instance had once said the following. Unenthused, mind you. “Tucson’s vaccine mandate is illegal, and the city could be held liable for attempting to force employees to take it against their beliefs,” Brnovich says. “COVID-19 vaccinations should be a choice, not a government mandate.” As it turns out, currently, if the employees don’t have vaccine proof, they could undergo a five-day suspension with no pay.

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