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Prison Gas Chamber Executions will Harken back to the Holocaust

You are currently viewing Prison Gas Chamber Executions will Harken back to the Holocaust
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A prison gas chamber is being refurbished and it is purchasing the ingredients necessary to create the same deadly chemical compound used by Nazis during the Holocaust.

Hydrogen Cyanide Gas

Buying more than $2,000 worth of ingredients to make hydrogen cyanide is what the state Department of Corrections purchased. More than one million prisoners at Auschwitz-Birkenau were murdered with that same type of gas used by the Nazis. In addition, to other death camps during World War II. That would include Jews, Poles, Roma, and prisoners of war. The gas was known by the trade name “Zyklon B” when it was used during WWII.

Sodium Hydroxide Pellets and Sulfuric Acid

Sodium hydroxide pellets and sulfuric acid produce the lethal gas. That is what Arizona has bought. Moreover, in December, the Department of Corrections has also spent $1,530 on a solid brick of poisonous potassium cyanide.

Prison: Gas Chamber out of Commission

Out of commission since 1999, the Arizona State Prison Complex, Florence, where the state’s gas chamber is located. It was because of a botched execution after a prisoner suffocated for 18 minutes before he finally died. In 1949 the chamber was originally built.

Prison: Prepping the Gas Chamber and Conducting Tests

Since August 2020, state officials have been preparing the gas chamber for use. Moreover, the prison has conducted tests with smoke grenades. In addition, to water to ensure seals on the windows and doors are working. The guards are checked for gas leaks with a candle.

Mock Executions: Beyond Sick!

Pretending to be inmates is what the prison staff did last year. Moreover, they were pretending to be inmates. In fact, they were going through the motions of being put to death, in fact, screaming “This is murder,” and “I’m innocent.”

Inmates on Death Row

In Arizona, there are at present 115 inmates on death row. This is happening as they move to get the gas chamber up and running. In fact, the state, which is under Republican control, is, however, anxious to continue the executions.

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