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Shooting Remembered

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The annual commemoration of the Tucson January 8th, 2011 shooting is scheduled today downtown at the main fire station. The event marks the eighth anniversary of the attack. The city will mark the anniversary with a small ceremony honoring the victims.

Eight years ago, a shooter killed six people and injured 13 more, including former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. The attack targeted Rep. Giffords, who survived but had to resign her position soon thereafter. The site of the attack was outside a grocery store on Tucson’s northwest side.

Shooting Anniversary Gets Ceremony

The observance of the tragedy will take place Tuesday morning at the headquarters of the Tucson Fire Department. The address is 300 S. Fire Central Place.

At the moment the shooting took place, 10:10 a.m., Mayor Jonathan Rothschild will ring the bell at the station. He will ring the bell once for each of the 19 victims of the shooting.

In addition, on January 12th, an event started by family members of congressional aid Gabe Zimmerman takes place. Zimmerman died eight years ago in the mass shooting. The day includes outdoor and family activities, in addition to annual health and wellness programming. The goal of the event is to help the Tucson community heal as it remembers the tragic event of 8 years ago.

A permanent memorial is in the works to commemorate the lives lost that day as well. The January 8 Memorial Foundation has raised of enough money to begin construction of the project. The foundation is still accepting donations. The memorial will stand in Tucson’s El Presidio Park. A memorial wall will tell the story of the events of that fateful day. In addition, it will remind the community about building democracy “through active participation and civic discourse.”

If you are interested in donating to the foundation, you can visit their website.

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