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Volvo Seeks To Give Cars A Boost At Starbucks With EV Fast Chargers

You are currently viewing Volvo Seeks To Give Cars A Boost At Starbucks With EV Fast Chargers
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Did you ever stop to realize that gas stations are really just a form of energy for cars? Much like the common man enjoys his macchiato with some honey sticks! If you have, this would be no surprise to you, but Volvo is thinking about creating the first charging network sponsored by Starbucks. Powered by Chargepoint, the fast-charging network is going to involve about 60 or so Volvo-brand chargers throughout 15 different Starbucks locations.

Within the first stage, chargers are going to be installed all throughout major cities within the western United States. As you travel with an EV, you may just be able to recharge 20% to 80% in 40 minutes or so at a fast-chagring station. The car has some recharging capacity to go with your capuccino. Volvo themselves would like to have a charging location at least between every 100 miles.

Volvo is also working with the ChargePoint app.

This is convienent for Volvo as they are looking to integrate the application into the infotainment system. Where the nearest available charging station will be found at any Starbucks location. Volvo owners are indeed using the charge at preferential rates. For other EV owners, there may be a fee at every station. There’s not much information more than that which is available for the charging rates.

“Volvo wants to give people the freedom to move and lower their impact on the environment. Working with Starbucks we can do that by giving them enjoyable places to relax while their cars recharge.” This comes from Anders Gustafsson, known as the Sr. Vice President of the Americas and the President-slash-CEO of Volvo Car USA.

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