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When You Want To Celebrate Independence Day, Enjoy It With Fireworks!

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When you look at the events occurring in Tucson, you want to be proud of the work that is occurring to make Tucson really shine on the map. Because truly, the fourth of July is a birthday for every American town. We get to celebrate our liberties as citizens of the United States. So because of that, we enjoy each other’s company and make the most out of a situation that has long been scrutinized. Can we make with the traditions and just be grateful for people to be surrounding us during Independence Day? Here are where and when all of the fireworks for Fourth Of July are happening!


  • Date: July 4th
  • Time: 9:15 pm
  • Place: Tucson Convention Center
  • Events: Fireworks, IndepenDANCE Party
  • Additional Information:

Oro Valley


  • Date: July 4th
  • Time: 9 pm
  • Place: Silverbell District Park, 7548 N. Silverbell Road
  • Events: Fireworks, Food Vendors, Splash Pad, Live Music
  • Additional Information:


  • Date: July 3rd
  • Time: 6 to 9 p.m
  • Place: Sahuarita Lake Park, 15466 S. Rancho Sahuarita Blvd.
  • Events: Fireworks, Music, Food Trucks, Kids’ Activities
  • Additional Information:

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