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Fighter Jets Tribute To COVID-19 Relief

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Fighter Jets will be flying overhead in Tucson. Everything from A-10 to F-16’s will be heard throughout the skies. This is to bring tribute and respect for those who currently fight against COVD-19.

Fighter Jets Pay Tribute

First responders are making sacrifices everywhere. From your doctor’s office and hospitals to pharmacy technicians and truck drivers, the city is bringing together a fantastic airshow in order to show respect for those on the front lines.

COVID-19 workers are everywhere. From grocery store clerks to nurses, doctors, and drivers the ability to stay-at-home does not count for them. They have been out working and fighting in order to help those in need.

The act is similar to those at NASCAR races and major American sports.

First Responders Are Keeping America Moving

A month ago, Donald Trump paid homage to truck drivers. The current COVID-19 threat has left the industry overextended and exhausted.

This came at an unfortunate time. Prior to these events, the industry was facing another battle – low employment. The crisis was a result of a large number of skilled drivers exiting the industry in order to live in retirement. This large number of exits created a large gap in the industry. The job doesn’t pertain to many (albeit its necessity). This has left fewer recruits to fill those spaces.

On top of that, COVID-19 is attacking the country in a hard way. Now, the workers who are currently driving are facing even harder circumstances.

“Morris Air National Guard Base and Davis–Monthan Air Force Base recognizes the healthcare personnel and first responders who are serving beyond measure during this trying time of the COVID pandemic,” said Col. Jeffrey Bulter, 162nd Wing commander. “We are extremely grateful for your service to the people of Tucson and the great state of Arizona.”

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