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Phantom Space Generates $240 Million To Launch Constellation

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Arizona’s very own Phantom Space is a transportation and rocket manufacturing startup. They just made a deal to end all deals. And this deal in particular has Phantom Space reached a value of $240 million. This being with their plans to create, and shoot into the air a 72-satellite constellation. This very one is capable of bringing Industrial Internet of Things and their payloads.

Their payloads of course going to the wireless network provider Ingenu. Internet of Things, by the way, is a series of physical objects that has sensors interwoven into software and technologies to connect and exchange data. Phantom Space creates spacecraft buses and system integration technology, capable of launching Ingenu’s AFNIO constellation. The world’s primary space-based public network specifically for machine-to-machine communications.

This constellation of 72 satellites are so capable of end-to-end solutions. As well as betterment for the smart grid and smart agriculture as well as asset tracking.

Furthermore, the Tucson-based Phantom Space company has plans.

After all, the satellites are to launch Phantom Space’s launch date in 2023. The Co-founder and CEO Jim Cantrell say accordingly that the partnership will bring both of them closer. Closer to providing benefits of space technology. He went on to say, “By working with a company like Ingenu, we are partnering to deliver Ingenu’s value into a space platform where it can have a worldwide impact on their customers.”

The Ingenu has a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology for the Internet of Things being deployed throughout fifty terrestrial networks on five continents throughout the ten years, the CEO Alvaro Gazzolo, believes that they’ll move with more cost-efficiency. “We’ll be able to build and operate a system of satellites that makes it possible for us to offer people full end-to-end solutions anywhere on earth and complement existing customers’ terrestrial networks.”

Additionally, Phantom Space believes they’ll be positioning themselves as the “Henry Ford” of space transportation.


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