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Tucson International Airport To Be Expanded

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Tucson International Airport is about to change with a $28 million expansion project that will start next week and will be finished in a year and a half.


The main change will be the TSA security checkpoints that will be located at the both ends of the terminal instead of a hallway leading to it. The checkpoints will also operate faster to accommodate more passengers in a shorter period of time.


After 9/11 checkpoints became a requirement for all the airports and were put into tight areas just so the requirement would be met. It was also the case with Tucson International Airport but now it can get security expansion that will make things easier for travelers. Many airlines will go to kiosk instead of using big counters. The modern technology has made changes possible with many people buying tickets online or at the airport kiosks.


The space created by removing bigger counters and checkpoints will be used to improve flyers’ experience in the airport. The project will add not only the new checkpoints, but a business center, food and retail outlets and a play area for children.


There will also be large windows opening a view at the airport and the mountains while travelers are going through security or waiting for their flights.


The project’s goal is to make travelers’ experience more pleasant while growing the number of destinations and flights.

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